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Duct Tape Humor

Here are some links to funny duct tape sites....

A Poem by Max Sherman - in Dr. Seuss style
Duct Tape Fashion - You can actually purchase hats, belts and wallets made from duct tape.
The Duct Tape Guys - A very comprehensive duct tape humor site).
Duct Tape Cam
Duct Tape page - God made the world, but it's held together with duct tape.
The World Is Held Together By Duct Tape - everyone's got an obsession. Some, however, are stickier than others.
Duct Tape on Jeopardy(R)  Duct tape has even made it to gameshows!
Car Talk  (Click here to download RealPlayer if you need an audio file reader.)

Ig Nobel Home Page - Max Sherman gave a speach about duct tape as one of the highlights

"How Duct Tape Changed My Life", A first person view of the media frenzy surround the discovery that duct tape is really not very good on ducts. September 1998

"The Ig Nobel Sciences" Watching good scientists roast bad ones is both fun and sobering. Duct tape is the theme of the 1998 Ig Nobel awards ceremony. November 1998

Quote from Garrison Keiller of Prarie Home Companion:

"Use two sided DT to clean your house by putting on your feet and working
around picking up old papers, etc.  or use it to attach your beer can to
the wall."


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